Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's not me, Captain. It's you.

On March 11th, I wrote about the difficulties I and several others were having in obtaining the perks we purchased during the Captain Canuck animated series fundraising campaign.

At the time, I was trying to remain patient out of an appreciation for the character and the work done to modernize him and bring him back to the public eye (see the before and after version of Kébec at right for a good example).

But I'm done.  While I occasionally hear about people finally getting their perks, I have no confidence that I'll ever receive the goods I paid $100 for on the day the campaign began (March 28th, 2013).

A major issue is how often contributors have been told that their purchases were being mailed out, only to later find out that it didn't happen.  There's a list of such promises in the March post, which I won't copy here.  Since being asked to hold on another two weeks from late February, we were then told...
If you haven't got them already, you will within 1-3 weeks depending on where in the world you are. mid-March.  And today, on May 1st, I (and several others) still have nothing.

I'm in Ottawa, so location shouldn't be an issue.  There is no way that it should take six weeks to reach me from Toronto.  None.

So once again, we have been misled. That's bad enough in and of itself, but it goes against the one positive I was hoping to see come out of this experience, which was:
I hope that lessons have been learned by the Canuck team...
Clearly that hasn't happened.  I asked for a specific mailing date a week ago.  I was told to "hold tight" on the basis that other people were now receiving their perks.

That doesn't answer my question.  And that's just it.  There's no getting through to this group and they continue to make the same mistakes over and over.  They ask people to contact them by e-mail, then often don't respond to those e-mails.  Or when they do respond, they don't provide the requested information.

Their communication is terrible and it's infuriating. They can not grasp that a little honesty would go a long way.  Delays can be out of their control.  We all understand that.  But what they tell people is totally up to them, and all they do is jerk them around.

I still want to support the characters, even if some members of Team Canuck are incapable of understanding the above, simple concept.

But I will not pre-pay for anything from them anymore.  For that matter, I'm not even sure I want to buy anything from them that requires mailing.  They obviously can't handle the responsibility.

It's extremely disappointing in light of how excited I was to get behind this project, but I feel like my enthusiasm and interest have been taken advantage of.  I have countless other projects that I can support without feeling like a sap, so that's where I'm going to direct my attention until the Captain Canuck crew have displayed that they have a clue.

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