Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kagagi is Intrinsic!

Even though it did not include a Canadian character, I've mentioned Arcana's The Intrinsic title a couple of times because it features a number of the Vancouver-based publisher's key characters.  I'm now pleased to find out that one of Arcana's all too few Canadian characters is apparently considered an unofficial member of the team!

I did not recognize Kagagi on the Alex Ross cover I posted last month (April 13th, specifically, if you want to go back and have a look).  The character has been redesigned for the animated series which will air in the fall.

The Intrinsic returned on May 3rd as part of Free Comic Book Day.  The digital version was made available yesterday (still free) on Comixology.

The book, clocking in at 15 pages, serves as a lead-in to the team's second mini series.  Sub-titled "Singularity Zero", its first issue will be released next month.

Unfortunately, Kagagi does not appear in this "zero issue" of sorts, but since he is included in a two-page describing the group, it's safe to assume that he should make a strong contribution later.  In the meantime, you can track the character and the progress of the upcoming animated series through this Facebook group.


  1. Jay's going to be at CAN-CON, an Ottawa convention on speculative arts and literature, on the October 3-5, 2014 weekend, FYI.

    If you're in Ottawa that weekend, feel free to drop by!

    1. I already know I won't be around, but I did NOT know about this event, so thanks for making me aware of it. :-)