Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Look What I Found!"

I can't pretend that I'm totally caught up in Justice League United.  I find it awkward for the same reason (well, one reason, anyway) that I hated Astonishing X-Men with Northstar and (of course) Wolverine two years ago; There doesn't appear to be a reason for this group to be, or stay, together.  And still along the same lines, I'm not a fan of most of the non-Canadian characters.

But this I enjoyed:

The more I see Adam Strange's updated look, the more I dig it.  That's pretty sleek right there.

Now he does appear to be something of a dork.  Shortly after that panel, he loses control of his flight and crashes.  As he should; I doubt he has much experience with jet packs.  Done well though, watching the hero grow into his role can be very entertaining and hopefully we get to see that play out.

I'm even more hopeful that we get to see Equinox in the next issue since she is a no-show in this one after a well-hyped debut last month.  Puzzling, and frankly, disappointing.

Anyway...We need to acknowledge the possibility that those criticisms will get sorted out later in the story.  Maybe Equinox becomes more prominent.  Perhaps an actual reason for being for this team will be identified.  But early in the game I'm the furthest from being blown away.

Final note: For those who are into such things, Bleeding Cool reported that the second and third issues of the series will also have Justice League Canada variant covers.  Would have been nice to get those in the digital version too, but no dice.  I would at least hope then to have that option with the trade paperback down the road.  We'll see.

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