Monday, July 14, 2014

I Wish My Name Was Brok Windsor

As the project to reprint Nelvana's stories was beginning to take shape last year, one the ladies involved (either Rachel Richey or Hope Nicholson, I forget which) mentioned on Twitter that they might look to do similar for another iconic character in Johnny Canuck.  Made sense, seemed obvious, but they had their hands full with Nelvana so any discussion about Johnny would have to wait.

Sure enough, we received confirmation on July 1st (or thereabouts) that Johnny Canuck was also headed towards reprint treatment.  But as a bonus, we got the news that Brok Windsor's adventures would also be reprinted.

Johnny Canuck is a fairly well known character, and what you don't know you could reasonably guess at.  Brok Windsor is far more obscure so plans to re-release his stories were a pleasant surprise.

Windsor first appeared in the April/May 1944 issue of Better Comics.  The Joe Shuster Awards website does a great job of describing the premise of his adventures.
...Already a manly outdoorsman-type, physician Brok was portaging through the Lake of the Woods region and stumbled upon an island upon which he was transformed into a 7 foot tall muscle-bound specimen of the superhuman variety. Teaming with the 12 foot tall son of the chieftain of a unique Native Canadian tribe that lives in this uncharted territory named Torgon, Brok, needing the unique serum that enables Torgon’s people to endure the physical transformations, embarks on a perilous journey to find the special waters. 
The only online copy of Better Comics I've been able to find (though I haven't looked in a while) is volume three, number 7, the cover for which is copied above.  You can download it from The Digital Comic Museum as a preview of this project which, along with the Johnny Canuck reprints, I look forward to supporting.

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