Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What We Learned from the Captain Canuck Summer Special

The 2014 Captain Canuck Summer Special was made available for free just prior to Canada Day in comic book shops all over the country.  I wasn't able to get my hands on one right away, but a friend was kind and considerate enough to snag one for me.  He handed it off to me this past Friday night, so I finally got to read it at TSOG Secret HQ on the weekend.

Were you also unable to obtain a copy initially?  If that's the case, allow me to share some details about the book and future plans for our favourite square-jawed Canadian protagonist contained within.

THERE WILL BE A 2015 EDITION.  That might have seemed obvious, but since the last summer special came out in 1980, one probably should not have assumed.

.  There was such a contest held on some time ago, but this one is a bit more official.  There will be several judges and ten selections will appear in the 2015 Summer Special.  The submission can include any Canuck cast member.  Send entries to between now and March 15th.

THE COMIC BOOK SERIES IS SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER 2014. We first heard about it in January, but at that point I don't believe a tentative release date had been stated.  July 1st was the obvious target date but evidently plans have changed.  Now keep your fingers crossed for a merry Canuck X-Mas.

THE GOOD CAPTAIN DIGS BOOSTER JUICE.  As he should, Booster Juices are delicious.  My personal favourite is the Soymilk Slam.  Not only is it healthy and filling, it sounds like something a superhero (or perhaps a pro wrestler) would drink.

WE GET REDCOAT AND KEBEC BACK STORIES.  Both characters make only brief appearances in the animated series, but we get to find out a bit more about them in this book.

TATIANA MASLANY IS FRIGGIN' AWESOME.  No wait...Everyone knew that already.

WHAT HAPPENED AFTER ISSUE 15.  Being a Canuck fan can require patience (and no, that's not a dig at how long it took for them to send out Indiegogo campaign perks).  Issue 14 was published in early 1981.  The 15th issue saw limited release only, according to Wikipedia, but not until 2004.  Fortunately it was included in the Omnibus published by IDW in 2011.

Well, one of the two stories in the 2014 Summer Special continues the tale that began in 1981.  The story concludes with a caption that this was "not the end" so we'll get the next installment in a little less than a year, assuming everything goes according to plan.  By comparison, the time should fly right by.

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