Thursday, July 24, 2014

Red Leaf: Willing and Able

Special Task Force Canada has arrived on the scene. 
Enter Mounties Willing & Able, two unique members of the Crown's Special Task Force! Can the Leaf assist or is he destined to be just another victim of... THE MASS!!! 
Kate Willing and Jack Able... 
They always get their creature! 
Twenty pages of all-out action on the streets of Toronto.
The above is "cover B" to the ninth issue of The Leaf.  The publisher's flagship book has become a platform for introducing characters into the Red Leaf universe in recent issues, such as Cold Man and Kung Fu Canuck.  Number nine serves that function for theWilling & Able duo.

So what's the deal with these two?  See below.

When a crime scene reveals too many abnormalities for comfort, the "Freak Squad" (as Willing and Able are nicknamed) are brought in.  When it looks like super abilities may be involved in the crime, The Leaf is called in as back up.

Yes, there's an X-Files vibe going on, which I doubt is meant to be subtle.  I can't pretend to having been a fan of that show, but by my limited knowledge it seems to me that Willing and Able's abilities set them apart from Mulder/Skully, as do their personalities.

Speaking of inspirations, the book's primary cover is displayed below and is an acknowledged "tribute" cover by Robert Norton.  Click on it to be taken to Red Leaf's online store.

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