Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Captain Canuck (classic edition) in Gold City

Sweet find right here, for which I take absolutely no credit.

The comic strips below were posted on the Facebook page for David E. McClain's Graphyc Rythmic Productions.  You should be able to view the full-sized versions of the images after downloading them, or by opening them in another tab or window.

Here's what Mr. McClain had to say about hem:
A 6-part Captain Canuck comic strip that ran in a few Canadian papers back in 1980 in conjunction with a local retail promotion. Classic Comely & Freeman fo' sure!

There a few (too few, in fact) newspaper strips included in IDW's Captain Canuck: The Complete Edition, but they are from 1995.  The above are not included in that book.  I don't recall coming across these in the past, so much gratitude to Mr McClain for displaying them.

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