Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Legion, Book 3: Broken Arrows

For those of you just joining us, (Canadian) Legion Unleashed was a comic book project by one Richard Evans which unfortunately only lasted two issues. Speaking in broad terms (to avoid putting words in anyone's mouth) it wasn't a matter of lacking for ideas for the superhero team, but rather disenchantment with the comic book industry which caused the series to end prematurely.

The Legion's stories are being told in novella (under 100 pages) format now, two of which have been released.  The first, entitled Magic, is a retelling of the two comic book issues, with additional material to flesh both the stories and the characters out a bit.  The second is called War Machines and...well, I don't know much about it because it's sitting on my dining room table and I have yet to read it!  But I do know that it's a continuation of the story begun in book one.

Though I have yet to start book two, I was quite pleased to see the cover to #3 on display on the writer's blog (or a rough draft of it, in any case).

The title rings a little ominous for cover boy The Arrow, an archer/speedster combo of Irish ancestry.  The various Legion characters have apparently all been redesigned, but the only one I've seen so far is Black Flag (on the cover to the first book) so it's cool to finally see how Arrow turned out, assuming his current "look" is largely finished.  I'm also quite eager to be able to continue a story that I first began to read roughly 18 months ago, regardless of format.

I bought the books through, though a specific search is required as there is another writer named Richard Evans (Richard J. Evans specifically) who writes about totally unrelated matters.  Best to refer to Evans' blog to get a feel of his other literary offerings.

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