Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Steele Vs The Ghost Walker

Upon my return from TSOG Secret HQ on Monday, following a delightful thanksgiving dinner with Mrs TSOG, I was pleased to find I had received a contributor-only e-mail message from Steele Vs creator Scott R. Schmidt.

I supported Mr. Schmidt's fundraising campaign to bring his mountie character to life this past spring and was eagerly looking forward to seeing what would come of it (even though the estimated delivery date is only next month).  Mr Schmidt provided a very thorough update about his project this weekend and in doing so included a pdf version of the zero issue.

Nice timing; Good Hallowe'en vibe going on there...Here's a look at the first page.

Lovely book. Nice touch: Among the extras is a brief historical overview of the actual Sam Steele, the man on whom this character is based.

I don't know when the print versions will be available for purchase, but issue #0 is available for just a buck on Comixology if you want to get a fuller preview of the series.  The Kickstarter campaign was actually for the first issue, entitled Steele Vs Dead Horse Trail and there are plans for an additional two issues which will combine to tell the "Road to The Yukon" miniseries.

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