Thursday, October 23, 2014

Logan Legacy #2 hits where Amazing X-Men #12 misses

Amazing X-Men #12, the final chapter of the World War Wendigo storyline which guest-starred Alpha Flight, finally came out yesterday.

I say "finally" not out of eagerness, but because I couldn't wait for it to end. I hated the story.  I found several of the Alpha Flight members to be out of character, references to their recent history to be completely inaccurate, and the silly dialogue from some of the X-Men completely irritating. I didn't know Rockslide before this story and I could live a great life without ever coming across him again. I also have no idea when Iceman became such a tool. At least Guardian had an extremely impactful, though completely predictable, moment.

Thankfully, reading Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #2 afterwards offset a lot of that crap very nicely.

I'm not Wolverine's biggest fan (not even close), and I didn't at all follow the story leading to his "death", the reports of which are no doubt greatly exaggerated.

However, X-23, Logan Legacy's leading lady for this issue, is a character I've been curious about for some time. As the clone of Canada's most famous superhero, does she qualify as Canadian herself? The lady who carried this clone is an American, from what I can gather from internet research, so I'm not entirely sure. I was looking forward to finding out a bit more about her.

I'd also seen a few comments in social media about a pleasant surprise for Alpha Flight fans in this book. Of course, I assumed this meant that a current team member would appear, perhaps more than one. That was enough to provide the extra motivation I needed to make the purchase.

And I'm so glad I did.

I won't "spoil" it, even if the book came out yesterday.  A new(ish) character, referred to as The Chinook, appears and it is indeed a sweet treat, in my opinion.

If you look for it you can figure out from this post who our mysterious character is. But I can easily explain, without giving anything away, why I was so pleased at this story by making reference to the Amazing X-Men books.

World War Wendigo was sloppy in handling Alpha Flight's history, even a very recent, high-profile event like Northstar's wedding. In Legacy, writer Tim Seeley makes reference to characters we have either not seen in years, and had no reason to expect to, or whose most prominent appearance came way back during John Byrne's Alpha Flight run.

Said simply, it's a matter of respect. Amazing X-Men did not display much of it, Logan Legacy does.

As for The Chinook, it's unlikely (but not impossible) that we'll see much more of him, but I welcome any future appearances.  He and X-23 make a pretty sharp team, don't they?

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