Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014 awesomeness!

Confession: Every time I see some local kid dressed as Captain America for Halloween, a small part of me dies. :-(

But when I see great Halloween outfits such as the ones below, I could come back to life more often than James MacDonald Hudson! :-)

All are lifted from Facebook groups, and each respective group is linked through the picture.  I take credit for nothing, I display only because I dig.

First off, Captain Canuck West.

The above is actually from Winnipeg's Central Canada Comic Con (but it was taken and posted on Halloween, so it counts). It's cool to see that version of the character still have some legs. You know what else would be great? Check out what Marvel is doing with Spiderverse and transfer that over to the Captain. All versions of the character in one book/story line. How much fun would that be?

Next, we have Nelvana:

The lady is named Amy Kenny.  Not sure about the dog. ;-)  As far as I'm concerned, that's her brother Tanero.

Last and certainly not least...The Red Ensign from True Patriot!

This was credited only to "a fan from Ottawa".  I love seeing a more recent character with a limited publication history get this kind of treatment if only to add a little exposure.

Good on ya, folks!  For what little it's worth, I appreciate the effort and the originality!

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