Sunday, November 9, 2014

Captain Canuck: Utopia Moments

Does this happen to other people who update a blog semi-regularly?  You go a few days or weeks struggling to find something you feel like writing about, then as soon as your time becomes limited you stumble into a boat load of material that you can't get to right away. Frustrating.

Such was the case last Sunday when, while looking for details about out Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen, I found Captain Canuck material that I was convinced was no longer accessible.  I was unable to look into it further at the time because I was leaving for a business trip roughly an hour later, but I can now finally sit back and enjoy it.

I had heard of this Mark Shainblum/Sandy Carruthers (of Northguard fame, which probably goes without saying by now) attempt at bringing back the good Captain in the late 90's, but had never located any of the material except for small versions of the cover (seen at right). Browsing through Shainblum's (new?) website for information about Superhero Universe, I discovered that he has made the three-part, 27-page, story available online.  It can be accessed from this page.  Mind the capitalization in the password provided.

This was the first crack at modernizing Captain Canuck by someone other than co-creator Richard Comely.  It was written in such a way that material from the original series could be worked in, or discarded, for that matter, with minimal disruption.  New characters were introduced while Redcoat, Kebec, Bluefox, etc, were brought up to date.  Pages eight and thirteen are included below as examples.

Exciting stuff.

My unpleasant customer service experience with the current Captain Canuck team had affected my overall interest in the character to the point that I neglected the Captain Canuck Legacy page I started last year. Finding the Utopia Moments story has restored my enthusiasm for that little project so there will probably be a fair amount of information added to that blog over the next few days, for those who may be interested.

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