Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Supernatural Agents

My attention was drawn to Saint John's Water Front Studios a few months ago when they posted art on their Facebook group based on Red Leaf Comics characters.  There is an ongoing relationship between the studio and publisher, Red Leaf has published two issues of Water Front's Manga Ganda anthology book.

The third issue, also to be published by Red Leaf, will have a superhero theme and the folks at Water Front are clearly excited to see it released. They have displayed preview art of a team called The Supernatural Agents who are also based out of Saint John.  The images and caption below are lifted from Facebook.

One of the pages from our newest issue of Manga Ganda featuring the Super Natural Agents!..all lettered and colored,..written by Paul Beale, penciled by Tim Fallon, and inks by Jim Hachey and of course lettered and colored by Michel Plourde!..the water front Team!
The image below is cover art for MG3.

At the moment, I know nothing about the individual characters and while I considered writing to Water Front to ask...I won't.  I think I'll just let the book itself serve as an introduction.  Although I could swear I've seen the guy with the tiger stripes somewhere before...

Since Red Leaf was mentioned, I may as well share another rather awesome Robert Norton piece of the five generations of Leaf characters below.  Looking forward to seeing the coloured version.

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