Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Big-Ass Robot Day at TSOG!

If you're French-Canadian, about my age, and don't crack a nostalgic smile at the picture on the right, then I'm sorry to announce that a portion of your soul is dead.

Goldorak Go!  Man, as a kid I lived for this show. And of course I had the action figures (of various sizes), the theme song record and a huge cardboard cutout type of deal on my bedroom wall.  Good times.

I stumbled into a project on Twitter last night which brought back those pleasant memories and also reminded me of a book I tried earlier this year, Nitro Battlers.

The story takes place in a city called Angelville. The various Nitro Battlers went their separate ways following the death of a team member 10 years previous.  Nitro Red has remained active since, but his career currently consists of getting his ass kicked fairly regularly.  He's had enough, and plans to hang up his helmet, but perhaps an encounter with a fan will change his mind.

The book is the creation of Toronto's Eric Kim. He manages Inkskratch Publishing and the Manga Dojo program by which he teaches kids to make comics. You can purchase Nitro Battlers #1 on Comixology for a buck or directly from Inkskratch in either print or pdf format.

Now there aren't a lot of details available to me yet about the project I saw on Twitter last night which prompted this post, but it doesn't take much to see how it fits right in. Allow me to introduce Steve Beaulieu's Canadian Cindy, a "new series about a Canadian heroine and her beaver robot fighting against the industrial companies destroying the planet".

The book's Facebook Page is only a few days old as I write this so info to share is limited at this point. My guess is that while Nitro Battlers has similarities to Voltron, Canadian Cindy will be closer in vibe to Transformers. Steve Beaulieu displays an awful lot of webcomic art on his Twitter page. Being that there's no sign of Cindy, I don't believe the two are related, but there's clearly a great deal of appreciation for, and influence by, the Transformers franchise. Looking forward to seeing where he goes with it.

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