Saturday, December 13, 2014

Introducing Claw from APTN's Kagagi: The Animated Series

The eleventh episode of the Kagagi animated series, based on the Arcana Comics character of the same name, will air tomorrow morning on APTN.

In episode nine, two weeks, ago, the main character was getting kicked around by the series antagonist, The Windigo. But at the last minute, Kagagi was rescued by the lady in red at left. She removed him from the scene but did not respond when Kagagi asked for her name. She was less directly involved in last week's episode, but again got the show's hero out of major trouble, anonymously.

There is very little information provided about her to this point, but the show's characters are displayed during the end credits. An image similar to the one at left (if not exactly that one) appears and the name displayed under it is "Claw". In her first appearance, she jumped out of an aircraft to assist Kagagi, in the second she made a jet-like sound as she flew away.

She remains a mystery but has a cool, modern look and appears to be a great addition to the Kagagi cast. I look forward to finding out more about her in the coming weeks and can't help but think that she would make a great action figure.  I hope the Kagagi show's popularity makes that possible at some point down the road.

The animated series airs on APTN at 10AM Eastern every Sunday, but you can watch it on the network's website as well.  As for the original material, you can purchase the digital version of Kagagi: The Raven from Comixology or the print version from or directly from the Arcana Comics website.

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