Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Canadian Corps

I had to check, but I first made mention of September17 Productions' Canadian Corps book in July of 2013. I'm very pleased to finally get to devote a post to them specifically!

Publisher Andrew Lorenz has no lack of projects occupying his time but there were still enough mentions of the Canadian Corps through social media over the past months to maintain confidence that this book was getting its share of attention too.

Lorenz recently launched a newsletter for September17 Productions as well. He uses it to keep his readers informed about how his various books are coming along, his writing process, etc.

This is an approach that I wish more indie publishers would adopt. Facebook and Twitter have their place and use, but your news can get caught in the wash of someone's 980 friends posting pictures of their various meals. And when a book can take months to produce, even just an occasional mention goes a long way towards sustaining interest in it.

On Sunday, Andrew shared an (unfinished, mind you) cover for Canadian Corps.

Pencils and inks by Justin Shauf, colour by Donovan Yaciuk.

I don't know much about the characters yet, just that I totally dig the 'stache on the second guy from the left! But I very much look forward to a formal introduction. Each character has a little something that makes me a little curious about him or her. Good design work in that sense.

While we wait, if you have yet to do so I invite you to check out some of the other books that S17 has released to this point. Legacy and/or New Guard can be purchased in print through Indyplanet. Indyplanet offers some of the books electronically, but if the e-format is more your speed you may be better served to purchase from drivethru. The four issues of Legacy complete the first arc in the series.

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