Monday, January 19, 2015

Dead Bride Comics

This falls under the category of "one to watch" for the coming year (and likely beyond).

Dead Bride Comics is based in the UK and the creation of former indy pro wrestler Danny Devine. Much of the talent is from the UK as well (with exceptions) but the product itself is not limited to that region.

In finding out about Danny Devine, I saw Lance Storm listed among his trainers. Presumably then Devine has spent a fair amount of time in this country and perhaps found inspiration in some areas of it.

His list of projects is lengthy, and a number of them appear to include Canadian content. Let's have a look...

A reference to maple is certainly always an eye-catcher when searching for Canadian content but I actually wasn't certain about this one when first exposed to it, reason being that there's an area called Maple Falls in Washington state. The Dead Bride website confirms the Canadian location in it's description of the book, stating "A crazed Lumberjack terrorizes the small Canadian town of Maple Falls".

The title has since been shortened to simply Maple Falls. Check out the cover below:

I'm going to take a shot in the dark with this next one too:

1948. In Studd City before Vatican there was The Quebecer!

A mototrcycle cop brandishing his own kind of justice on the filthy dregs of society that eat away at Studd City.

Wielding the Golden Shield of Justice, The Quebecer will stop at nothing to bring down an all-powerful mob boss.
The reference to Studd City does confuse the issue somewhat though. Studd City appears to be the Gotham City of Dead Bride Comics. Corrupt and crime-infested, it is the base of operation of what appears to the publisher's flagship character, named Vatican. Not entirely certain how The Quebecer fits in at this point, but we'll keep an ear to the ground. I love the late 40's setting regardless. 

And finally, we have Arctic Owl:

"Arctic" covers a lot of ground but there's certainly a possibility that this character, or someone in his entourage, will be from the Canadian portion of it.  Looks cool regardless so I hope to have specific cause to track that project's progress, but I think I would have followed it anyway.

Dead Bride will soon be releasing a compilation of one-page origins for a number of its characters. I look forward to that as the next step in my research.

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