Saturday, February 21, 2015

Leaf/Internauts team up coming soon from Red Leaf!

The promotional graphic below was posted by one Kelly Bender on the Red Leaf Comics Facebook page earlier today.
I wrote a 16 page stand alone ‎comic book‬ story for publisher Red Leaf Comics 
It's a story of ‎Red Leaf Comics‬ signature character ‎The Leaf‬ meeting ‪‎The Internauts‬ as they're forced to travel back in time to save #‎Canada‬ from an alternative future. 
This ‪#‎comic‬ will be available for purchase Spring 2015 from DriveThruComics & IndyPlanet

Red Leaf is preparing to release the 11th issue of its flagship title and there's no mention of The Internauts in the solication, so this meeting must take place in a subsequent one or a one-shot.

The Leaf: #11A 
Two action-packed stores featuring: The Modern Leaf vs. Death! and The Stitcher -- Man of Many Trades! 
Format: Black & White   
Pages: 20 
Two amazing covers! 
Cover A by Marcelo Salaza

I am not particularly familiar with The Internauts. I do know that they appeared in the fifth issue of the Sky Watcher anthology, however I don't own that one. Red Leaf books often have one-page promos for their titles and/or characters (An idea I recommend strongly, for what it's worth), such as the one for Mary Maple below...
...but while I could swear I've come across one in the past for The Internauts, I can't seem to locate it. I guess it'll be a proper introduction when I get the book!

Being that the story is written by Calgary-born Bender, this is a great opportunity to mention another project of his that is about to be made available soon. Starburn will be released on Wednesday on Comixology.

Finding out more about this book has underscored for me just how much Canadian talent has contributed to England-based publisher AAM-Markosia's books in the past few years. I'd heard of several of their releases but never connected them all as being Markosia books.

I plan on purchasing and discussing some of those books over the next few weeks but being that Markosia has a rather large release library, it's possible that I'm not aware of all of the ones that include Canadian talent. So If you are a Canadian creator who has contributed to one of their books, by all means draw my attention to it in a comment to this post or contact me at

Dino Caruso, Mark Bertolini and Claude St. Aubin, you don't need to bother. ;-)


  1. This isn't about the article, but I don't know any other way to contact you. My name is Sidney Osinga and I have a couple of Canada heroes that I write about on DeviantArt. One is Quebec Star, the current hero to bear that legacy
    My other hero is Raging Bull, who, although he currently lives in the American city of Angel Falls, was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario
    I also have a Canadian villain, the telepathic Occupant , and although he is apparently deceased, the gang he created, the Canadian Syndicate, lives on.

    1. Hey, sorry I've taken a while to respond but I haven't looked in much in the last few days.

      Thanks for making me aware of this. It seems familiar (there are only so many pregnant super heroines around). I think I saw it at one point then lost track of it. I'll give it a longer look in a few days.

  2. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your site? It's pretty awesome!

    1. You may have. Have I mentioned that I don't get tired of hearing it? :-)