Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Coming in Epic Canadiana, V2: Sgt. Sawchuck And The Red Surge!

The information below was shared by Nelson da Rocha on the Canadian Superheroes Facebook group on the weekend and, with permission, I am quite pleased to share it here too!
Here are a couple of pages for a CANADIANA Vol. 2. story I wrote about a loveable fascist Mountie and his boss/sidekick.  
The story is called SGT. SAWCHUCK and the RED SURGE. Story by me, pencils by Alex Greychuck (fantastic artist whose work can be seen in Toronto Comics Vol. 1 & 2), and inks and lettering by Stephany Lein who did art for my first story in Toronto Comics Vol. 1 and does the art for Daniel Reynolds' story, Redevelopment and Reunion for Volume 2 out in May this year.

All right, so let's break that down a bit...

The mention of Canadiana is in reference to the Cloudscape Comics anthology. I loved the first book and was pretty happy to come across a preview of the second.

Alex Greychuck's work can be found here. While going over his portfolio I was pleasantly surprised to come across the pinup of 8-Ball from Heroes of The North copied below, but there's plenty more to see so float on over and have a look.

There are a number of superhero stories in the second volume of Toronto Comics Anthology, and we'll have a closer look at those as we get near the book's release date.  But in the meantime here's a page from the Major North story (Sam Noir and Christopher Yao) included therein. A Major North sketch page was displayed here in late January. That image is followed by a pin up of Sgt. Sawchuck.

Many thanks to Nelson for providing/clarifying the information and material.

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  1. We at Cloudscape Comics are excited to announce that "Epic Canadiana #2" has launched its Kickstarter fundraiser. "Epic Canadiana #2" features 17 stories (over 200 pages!) dedicated to exploring numerous flavours of superheroism within Canada. It features a truly diverse collection of heroes – some of them pastiches of classic 40s characters and others totally new. There are arctic demigods and social activists, restless spirits and bison-riding vigilantes. Canada is a tapestry of great diversity, and we have striven to represent them in our anthology with heroes of various genders, ethnicities, and perspectives, including aboriginal and immigrant champions, a character coping with autism, a gay rights activist, a conflicted colonial soldier, and many more. And carefully studying all of them is Department None, a hidden branch of the Canadian government dedicated to keeping track of all superhumans… and dealing with them if necessary.

    The fundraiser website is: