Monday, February 16, 2015

The Super Alliance: Season 2!

Nice bit of news recently, The Super Alliance is gearing up for its second season!

The first season ran for seven episodes from mid 2013 to late 2014.

The story begins shortly after TV show host John Jupiter (front and center on the poster above) has discovered he has telekinetic abilities. And shortly before he gets dumped by his girlfriend Lucy. In no time Jupiter is invited, and later pressured, to join a group of other powered individuals with seemingly altruistic goals. Their forced presence in his life has disastrous results, however, when recent actions by some of members of the group come back to haunt the team. Jupiter sets out to make things right on his own and the alliance already starts to show signs of fracturing.

Follow the adventures of the Alliance on their YouTube channel and keep track of updates on their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Fundraising for their second season is underway. They've set a rather modest goal of $7000 to take things up a notch.
Season 2 is promising to feature new cast members, new locations, cooler visual effects, and improved visual quality - and these are just a few examples of the changes we have envisioned!
Their indiegogo campaign can be reached through this link. Also, a couple of members of the production/direction team were recently interviewed on The Geek Speak Show, so you can have a listen to that as well to find out more about the web-series.

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