Friday, March 27, 2015

Northern Guard: Assault

The website had not been updated in quite a while the last time I came across Northern Guard: Assault and as a result I believed that the project had been dropped. But seeing a little Twitter activity this morning encouraged me to have another look and it seems as though the project is still on.

What the hell am I talking about? Let game designer Bruce McLavy explain...
Take command of the Northern Guard; a joint military and civilian team of elite superheroes charged with protecting the country from an insidious invasion by super-powered villains. 
Northern Guard: Assault is a Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy game hybrid that uses super powered mobile units instead of the traditional stationary turrets, which leads to a new evolution in the Tower Defense genre. Read on to learn about the many features that make Northern Guard: Assault a standout defense game. 
NG:A will be released on the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and Android platforms.
I would very much like to take command of Northern Guard and therefore will continue to look for updates. While it was not successful, unfortunately, last year's Kickstarter campaign page provides a lot more information about the project, and clicking on Avatar at right will lead you to the NG:A website.

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