Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our War: The Truth Untold

I've dialed back on the crowd-funding recently but I made an exception for Our War: The Truth Untold.

The story is by Luke Henderson and the art is by Michael James Derrah, both from Toronto. And for an elevator pitch of that story...

Well, even if the main characters are not Canadian (I assume), the creative team and publisher are. Besides, if the setting shifts to Canada, surely a character or two will emerge.

As I write this, they are a mere $400 or so away from meeting a rather modest goal of $3000 over the next 10 days. You can score the print version of the 115-page book for $17 (+ $6 shipping), which seemed like a solid deal to me, but they have a variety of options, big and small.

There are far more details about the project and (higher quality) preview material on the Kickstarter page but you can have a glance at the art below. I need to admit that my resizing work in order to fit the image on the blog properly was not beneficial to it, so any blurring is on me and not the creators.

Continuing with the theme of Toronto content, I'm pleased to have an "excuse" to support Under Belly Comics. Their projects just have not happened to mesh very well with my subject matter here, but I've been quietly keeping an eye on them because they seem to be producing some quality product. Work your way down their "books" page to see what they've published thus far and what they are preparing to. There's quite a bit of variety there which may appeal to you.

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