Monday, March 30, 2015

Mini-Komix offers Heroes of Canada!

Take off to the Great White North with these Golden Agers from Canada. 
We've got the masked Red Rogue trying to solve a murder, the original Mr. Monster taking on the Terror of Trezma, an adventure with Nelvana of the Northern Lights, and Tricky Merlin takes on some cheating gangsters. 
Brush up on your curling as these Canadian superheroes save the day, eh?! 
Good gravy...

I discovered Georgia-based publisher Mini-Komix a few months ago while searching for reprints of pulp stories. At the time, it seemed I was only coming across their "Daring Dames" line which would spotlight jungle girls or space sirens or some such. Turns out they have a Golden Age theme in play at times as well and last month, the Canucks got their turn.

The above book can be purchased in digital format (pdf) from Drive-Thru for all of  a buck. Mind you, the stories it contains can also be had elsewhere.

Nelvana's adventures are reprinted in their entirety and currently available for purchase in the Nelvana of The Northern Lights compilation. It was also announced recently that Mr. Monster will get similar treatment soon.

Meanwhile, Trick Merlin (not "Tricky" Merlin, as the solicitation states) and The Red Rogue were each included as back up features in the two issues of The Northern Guard that Moonstone Comics published in 2010 and 2011. The stories in the Northern Guard books appear to be the same ones that are included in Heroes of Canada, but reprinted in colour and with a little background material offered as well. Based on the preview material available on Drive-Thru, it seems that Heroes of Canada is a black and white book.

Bluntly summarized, the Nelvana and Northern Guard books are the better product by a significant margin, and I think it's safe to assume that the Mr. Monster book will be as well. But if you want some quick sample exposure to a few of Canada's golden age characters, Mini-Komix offers an inexpensive and easily accessible option.

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