Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rounding out Les Supérieurs!

Always stoked to see some new Supérieurs material made available, but the Facebook post that came with Mase below was a fist-pumper.

NEW! From the GWN of the WGU comes Mase! Field commander, and leader of Les Supérieurs!

This is the last of the [current] lineup for the LS project -- up next: the LS history, and a collection of all of the digital releases to date, featuring new cover art, and possibly some pinup work!
This was almost like reaching a finish line of sorts. The plans to collect the member profiles and release a sourcebook specific to this team are not new. I was aware of them when I first posted about Les Supérieurs almost three years ago now (April 12th, 2012, to be specific). It had been a while since the project had been mentioned though so it's good to see it's still in the works and creeping ever closer to completion.

If you haven't been paying attention to this team over the years, well...We can't be friends. But if you seek redemption I can help guide you by reiterating that while the characters are designed for a role-playing game system, the goal is to eventually publish them in comic books. In fact, while Les Superieurs do not appear in the book (sadly), a zero issue of WatchGuard was added to Comixology this past January.

Here's the character that was released prior to Mase. Get a load of this bruiser:

Another great design. There are enough similarities between them (comparing past releases for Roudabout, Badger, etc) that it's clear the characters are wearing "official" uniforms, but each outfit is tailored to emphasize what makes the character stand out. I can't wait to see how the sourcebook turns out.

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