Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coming in July: The Captain Canuck Compendium

As stated on the Captain Canuck Facebook page...
Releasing this summer: Captain Canuck Series One Compendium - featuring Richard Comely, George Freeman and Claude St. Aubin with a full colour issue #15 and new, never before seen extras! The complete original series.

Gah...I'm a little torn here...

A couple of years back, I bought IDW's Captain Canuck: The Complete Edition and thought that overall, it was quite well done. I'd managed to gather all the individual issues many years before that, save for the elusive #15. IDW was reprinting that issue and since some of my copies of the earlier issues were in lousy shape, I went ahead and dropped a few dollars despite having the majority of the material on hand already.

Do I want to buy it all a third time? It'll depend on those "never before seen extras". I won't do it for the sheer hell of getting #15 in colour.

I'll decide once more information about its content is available. This is good news regardless in that the book is being made available by a Canadian Publisher in Chapter House.  Their website is still in the process of being built but if you were a fan of the backup features in the original series, you might want to have a look at its other upcoming projects.

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