Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Martlet, Flying into Epic Canadiana 2

Remember Sgt. Sawchuck? On March 10th, I posted information that Nelson da Rocha had shared on the Canadian Superheroes Facebook Group about his character's upcoming appearance in Cloudscape's second Epic Canadiana anthology.

Sawchuck's inker/letterer, Stephany Lein, recently displayed additional material on that very same Facebook group from that story as well. And that act prompted Mark Shainblum (creator and writer of Northgu...bah, you know that already...) to offer a peek at his own contribution to the anthology. Here's what he had to say (and show):
Okay, since Stephany is previewing her work from Epic Canadiana 2, why the heck not? Here's a sneak peek at The Martlet, my new character from the same book. Art by the amazing Ksenia Kozhevnikova
"Martlet: (mart*let) A mythical bird without legs that must fly eternally."


In looking to find out more about the "real" martlet, I came across this portion of its Wikipedia page which speaks to its modern significance.
The formerly supposed inability of the martlet to land is said by some modern commentators to symbolize the constant quest for knowledge, learning, and adventure. Thus the martlet has been incorporated into the modern arms of McGill University, in which the women's athletic teams are named the McGill Martlets;
I had failed to make the connection but it makes the name all the more appropriate.

Additional good news: This edition of Epic Canadiana will be available in print and not just digital. Now if we can somehow go back and do the same for the first volume...

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