Sunday, June 21, 2015

Coming in Only Two Weeks: Major North #1

Well, that was fast! Or it felt like it from a fan's perspective, anyway!

Major North was first mentioned here in mid-January as a result of stumbling into a sketch of the character on my Twitter timeline, as shared by Sam Noir. Noir explained at the time that North was his (and artist Christopher Yao's) contribution to the second volume of Toronto Comics, which was released in May.

Turned out that there was more in the works involving this character than was immediately obvious. Roughly a month after Toronto Comics's release, the Major gets a solo book.

June 20th: Major North #0... debuting tomorrow at Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, Michigan! In two weeks it will make it's Canadian debut at Montreal Comic Con. That is some awesome cover by Christopher Yao.
Indeed! For updates on Major North, float on over to the character's Facebook page.

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