Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Grenadier Debuts in Heroic #2 by Zenith Comics

My interest was drawn to Zenith Comics' Heroic book by a sketch of a character named The Grenadier (changed from the original name, which was simply The Canadian) found on  Facebook. The artwork was done by Alex Williamson.

To be entirely honest though, the more I tracked the book's progress the less I thought it would be my sort of thing. The main character is named Lady America and, as you might expect, wears a great big white star on her outfit (seen below). From looking at preview material, it became increasingly clear that The Grenadier's contribution would be minimal and that the bulk of the story would be based in the States and involve American characters. It reached the point that I wondered whether The Grenadier would be included at all aside from perhaps in a group fight scene or some such.

Still...Andrew Collas' (from Montreal) Kickstarter plea was confident and convincing so I made my token contribution in order to receive the first issue.

Of course, when I read the book I wasn't shocked when The Grenadier was a no-show. Regardless, I found that the creative team was telling the type of story I tend to enjoy so I contributed towards the second issue as well.

And it was well worth it! Not only does the story progress very nicely but The Grenadier shows up! Only for a couple of pages, mind you, but it was still good to see him.

"I've been doing this since Vimy Ridge". Nice.

I like that nearly everything Grenadier says suggests a lengthy history and friendship between these two characters. It's only one page, but it contains plenty of talk of trust and doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do. Heroic.

I don't know how much more we'll see of The Grenadier going forward. I'm going to continue to anticipate that we won't see him at all and hope to again be pleasantly surprised.

I'm also going to continue to support Zenith Comics Presents: Heroic because, at the end of the day, it's a quality product. If you want in, they are currently offering the books on a "pay what you want" basis on DriveThru Comics.


  1. Did you ever receive your Canadian Ninja backed Kickstarter rewards?

    1. No, but I think since you questioned it, they've sent out an update.

      To be honest, nothing pisses me off than lack of communication when supporting these projects. I don't understand how someone that receives thousands of dollars from strangers on blind faith can think it's acceptable to not keep in touch better. Lesson learned as far as these guys are concerned.

  2. Wow! I just found this and I have to say I am humbled. This summer has been a very rough time for me. I love my father at the start and found myself unmotivated, uninspired and spinning. Slowly I have been pulling myself out of the darkness and struggling to get back on the horse, thinking hard if Zenith Comics and Heroic would move forward. Then I read this (and the previous article on the Grenadier you wrote) and I have to say mate, thank you.

    I have always said if just one person walks away with something and gets what I am trying to do, then I keep moving forward.

    Well this was just what I needed and it couldn't have come at a better time.

    Thank you

    1. Well, very happy to. To be honest, I'd been struggling with this little project for a while myself, which is why posts are becoming more and more rare. Comments such as your, however, are extremely encouraging. :-)

    2. Did you pick up physical copies or just digital? Contact me at andrewcollas (at) zenithcomics (dot) com and let's chat.