Sunday, June 28, 2015

All-Canadian Comics #3 and more, coming soon from Red Leaf Comics

I was quite pleased to here from Red Leaf Comics this weekend. In recent weeks, publisher John Helmer seemed focused on launching Lucky Comics and while there was no specific evidence to suggest that it would be at the expense of Red Leaf, I couldn't help but be a little concerned because Red Leaf is about the most prolific provider of Canadian characters that I follow. But apparently we're due for a flurry of titles from them fairly soon, including the third issue of All-Canadian Comics.

ACC#3 has three stories. Two feature Commander North during WWII as well as his origin. Produced by Red Leaf & Canadian editor Paul Beale, the writing, art, and lettering is all done by Canadian creators!
But that's still a few days away. In the meantime, the zero issue of Internauts is available now from Drivethru.
The origin story of history’s bravest heroes! The crew of the Netship Endeavor traverse the living internet on a mission to apprehend a murderer before he rewrites history!
And in that crew is one (Canadian) doctor named Janet Klein. If I understand correctly, The Internauts/The Leaf team up book will follow shortly thereafter.

And of course the 11th issue of the regular Leaf title. So it would appear as though my concerns were unfounded; Red Leaf is still going to be very active this summer.

I should take a moment, being that Kelly Bender's name is mentioned on the promotional item above, to again direct attention to his Starburn series for AAM-Markosia. The first two issues are out as I write this and the book is a lot of fun. A "simple pick up and drop delivery" job turns out to be anything but for the varied crew of the Starburn ship. They're being paid triple the usual rate, and are given precious little information, so they are a little suspicious. With good reason,as it turns out. Sample page below:

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