Monday, June 29, 2015

Lady Victory, brought to you by GMB Chomichuk

Well, hello there!

This lovely lady is the reward for achieving the first stretch goal in the Canadian Corps Kickstarter campaign. As stated in the title line, the artwork is by GMB Chomichuk. A print of the above image will be included with every pledge that includes a physical copy of the book.

And mission accomplished. The campaign reached its desired total as well as the first stretch goal in short order.

So now they're working towards the second stretch goal and beyond. As I write this, they are merely $118 from reaching it.
$3000- Every backer whose reward level includes a physical copy will receive a Canadian Corps sticker and TWO Kickstarter Exclusive prints featuring art by GMB Chomichuk and Calgary-based artist Caanan Grall!
Jump over to the campaign page and see if you don't want in on this, if you have yet to do so. There's plenty of preview material, character descriptions, and so. The more people contribute, the greater the reward. I'm quite interested in the "6-8 page back-up short story illustrated by James Zintel!" offered at the $4000 range. With almost three weeks left in the campaign, it's certainly achievable.

In discussing the project, publisher Andrew Lorenz was kind enough to share the following group image of the Canadian Corps team, by Justin Shauf. Feast your eyes on this thing:

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