Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another Treat from Chapterhouse in October

It seems that every month the Chapterhouse Comics Group manages to toss a nice surprise among its future solicitations. In addition to the compilation of the original Captain Canuck series, they are reprinting (and completing) Beyond, a fantasy story that served a back up feature in the CC book at the time, and will begin publishing the adventures of The Pitiful Human Lizard shortly.

In October, the sixth issue of the regular Captain Canuck series is released, but for the first time the four issues of the "Captain Canuck West" book will be collected as well.
(W) Riel Langlois
(A) Drue Langlois
(CA) Kaare Andrews 
No one killed his partner; he’s not part of a top secret government project: what if a man became a super-hero just because he knew he could? RCMP constable David Semple dons the guise of Captain Canuck to take on the Unholy Avengers, an outlaw biker gang menacing the Canadian west coast.

Chapterhouse reprints the Unholy War of the West Coast Captain Canuck by Riel and Drue Langlois. Originally released in a 4-part limited series in October 2004 under Comely Comix, this 120-page Trade Paperback includes exclusive interviews and pre-viously unseen extras.
Going on potentially faulty memory, I believe the book was originally intended to be a 3-issue limited series and a fourth "special" issue was later released. Even if that last issue was slightly oversized, a page count of 120 seems high for reprinting four comics so it sounds like the extras will make it worthwhile. I'm in.

This little bit of news led me to a couple of others. Looking for details about Unholy War on Chapter House's website, I saw the promo image in regards to a Northguard Compendium to come in December. I have the original series (I believe five issues) in trade format, as well as the three-issue Mandes Conclusion mini series which followed, but I trust that Chapter House will make the format and extras alone worthy of picking this up. The original material was in black and white so do we dare hope for...colour?

The other image that caught my eye while trying to gather information was displayed on the Pitiful Human Lizard Facebook page.

Pitiful Human-Lizard issue 5 will introduce a brand new suburban superhero by Adam Gorham and Greg Harms. Prepare yourself for the Mississauga Marauder!
Right on. There will be a launch party for that specific issue on August 8th but no doubt it will also be included among future Chapter House solicitations, as will all future issues. PHL creator/writer/artist Jason Loo states as much on the Facebook event page.

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