Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm in Love With a Dead Girl - A Short Film

Higher Universe Comics has found its way into this blog a couple of times due to its Misfits title.

Now that they've released a number of issues of their various titles, they are using those books (among several other perks) to raise funds for a new film project. See below.

The indiegogo campaign page is right here.

So want to know more about the comics-based perks you can get?  HU's library provides quite a bit of variety. Check them out.

A pompous, insane, jackass of a vampire puts together a team of “monsters” and sets up shop in Transylvania to fight supernatural evil.

Skull fights the war on drugs in an unusual way.

Teenager Lasha Trinity hates her life. Her best friend is her humanoid dog, Rover. As Lasha tries to deal with her life, an intergalactic war with an alien species looms.

The Balloon Boy and his parents move to a new town. But the neighbours don't trust the strange new boy who moved to their neighbourhood.

If the film does not sound like your cup of tea then most, if not all, of these books are available digitally through drive-thru comics and comixology and can also be purchased in print format directly from the Higher Universe website' store page so you can still easily provide a little support to Canadian creators.

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