Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Red Hill Billy Has Risen!

Some of you make it SO easy...

I supported Red Hill Billy: Red Hill Rising on Kickstarter in July, I believe. From my outside-looking-in perspective, the project seemed to go very smoothly.

Perhaps someone actually working on it would find that comment hilarious. For all I know the creators pulled all their hair out completing the book.

If so, take a bow, because you made it look easy. The fundraising goal was surpassed and the rewards (the ones I financially committed to, at least) were delivered on time, which has been a precious rarity in my Kickstarter experience.

Red Hill, Northern Ontario 
Sometime in the 80s... 
On the eve of the full moon, 10 year old Billy Dekana is touring the Red Hill Fire Hall with his new friends while a RABID WEREWOLF tears through the Fall Fair, attacking the townsfolk, and turning those he doesn't eat whole.  
But Billy isn't your average 10-year-old. He's a badass hunter too. And now it's up to him and his classmates to survive the night. To stop the werewolves. To save the world. 
This is kids vs rabid werewolves, eh? 
In the vein of The Goonies and Monster Squad (but with WAY more swearing)... 
This is Red Hill Billy: Red Hill Rising.
Not much I can add to that, hence the "make it easy" comment earlier. What I can do is point out that Groovy Dead Productions has a great website which offers a 6-page preview of the book, a store page from which you can order the book, and other projects listed at the bottom. Oh, and a brief, but spoilery, epilogue to the first issue.

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