Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Reading List Additions

I've started cleaning things up a bit around here. Nothing too drastic just yet, just making sure that links work and such, but also adding a couple of new books to the reading list.

Auric Of The Great White North is now included in the hope that folks will discover it and/or sample the book because it seems fairly unique. I admit I have yet to purchase the zero issue (the only one available as I write this) myself. I would prefer to acquire it along with issue number one when that book becomes available next month. In fact, if the option presents itself, I might buy them digitally but get the trade later for the collection.

In any event, Auric is obviously a nice fit for this blog and I'll be keeping that project on the proverbial radar. If the book looks like your kind of thing, the best place to track its progress appear to be this Facebook group. And as usual, clicking on the cover image in the reading list will take you to a page from which you can purchase it. In this case, it's quite simply the Great White North Comics' website's store page.

The other addition is Canadian Corps, a book I'd been eager to read for quite some time. The digital version was among my perks from when I pledged to the fundraising campaign so I got to read it a few weeks ago but I deliberately avoided discussing it here until it was available for purchase. That's now the case; the book can be had on drivethru.

It serves as an introduction to the various team members as leader Warrant (above) gathers them to fight off an alien invasion up (way up) north. Much like he's done in past books, writer Andrew Lorenz manages to give you just enough information about each character to make you feel like you know them a bit already, but also makes it clear that there is significantly more to learn. Good stuff, fun read.

There are a couple of other books that I've received recently as a result of participating in crowdfunding campaigns and I hope to get to them soon.

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