Thursday, October 29, 2015

Surprise Cover Appearance by The Human Fly!

I admit I totally missed an appearance by The Human Fly on the cover of a Marvel book. But then, who had any cause to expect The Human Fly to appear on a Marvel cover?? Check him out at bottom right.

This was pointed out on Bleeding Cool and I believe they actually explain the reason for THF's appearance without meaning to. The solicitation for the above book, Illuminati #3, states that it is "villain vs villain". I think the cover artist was directed to draw The Human Fly and he drew the character he most closely associated with that name.

Simple error. Probably. You'd think an editor somewhere would pick up on it and maybe one did and shrugged it off. For that matter, perhaps the cover will be corrected by the time the book is available in January. Not a huge deal. In fact, it's pretty neat!

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