Sunday, November 8, 2015

Five Generations of The Shrew in The Sentinels

While aware that Comixology has a self-publishing section, I did not know until yesterday that I could search that section by country. Doing so revealed a number of books and publishers I was already familiar with, but I also came across some content that is a perfect fit for this little page.

The first issue of The Sentinels was released almost a year ago by Windsor, Ontario, artist/publisher David Duke.

Legacy Part 1
Someone is assassinating Golden Age Heroes from the WW II team THE SENTINELS. Can THE SHREW and his protégé son solve the mystery of who is behind it, and stop them before all of THE SENTINELS are executed?
The Shrew presently operates out of Windsor (and Detroit) and is the fifth person to wear the name. The first to do so fought in World War One and the next one was a member of the WW2 Sentinels mentioned in the solicitation text above. Let's have a look at that team...

...then and have the current version of The Shrew give us (by way of a lecture for his sidekick son) a brief breakdown of the Shrew timeline in a couple of panels below (click on the image to blow it up).

I chose to purchase the book on Comixology but it is also available for free on The Sentinels sub-site and through download from drivethru. As I write this, it appears as though the second issue is underway, but not yet completed.

However, based on the pages available at the moment, we may have another Canadian character to watch for in Monolith.

Seems like a safe guess that The Monolith is capable of turning into stone.

Might this all end with a present-time Sentinels team that includes at least two Canadian characters? Even from the small sample size I've read, it's plain to see that Duke has this all mapped out so we'll continue to watch the progress of the Legacy storyline.

In the meantime, if you want to support Canadian creators, scroll down this page and flip through the available books from Canadian publishers. There is a great deal of variety available there so if super-heroes aren't your thing you'll have plenty of other options, I promise you.

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