Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Misfits #5 Now Available!

The folks behind The Higher Universe Comics recently branched out into into film-making, which caused me to think that perhaps they were moving away from their comic book projects.

Evidently that's not the case judging from the notice of a new release from that I received from HU by way of Drivethru Comics. The (mis)adventures of the Misfits continue in the fifth issue of the series, available now. Solicitation below.

The Misfits fail miserably trying to capture a super-criminal in the street. 
Later, after finding rival hero Captain Uniteus in a compromising situation, the Misfits expose him in the media. Everything will be fine, as long as Uniteus doesn't come looking for revenge. 
Demonman, meanwhile, is still putting on the charade that he's wealthy in order to impress his girlfriend. But the deception is wearing thin. 
Grindcore and Telex are partying together quite often. On this particular night, at a hero house-party, they get high on mushrooms. It doesn't end well.

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