Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dr. Frost of the All-Winners Society

The following is lifted from the Iron Gate Comics Facebook group.
I am proud to show everyone page 1 of All-Winners Society #1 art by Joe DeSantos written by Rodney Lockett and Edited by Lawrenz Lano let us know what you think. We plan to launch a Kickstarter off next month I hope we can count on your support thank you in advance.

The gentleman speaking in the panel above is one Dr. Frost, the founder of the golden-age All-Winner Society.  And if he's mentioned here, it's because he's Canadian, right?

To this point, I knew publisher Iron Gate Comics only through character fact sheet books offered on IndyPlanet. It wasn't clear to me whether they planned on releasing stories featuring their characters but evidently that's very much in the works.

So with this in mind, we can get to know Dr. Frost from the New Heroes Database.
In the 1920's a ship sailed from Iceland to Canada but the ship was caught in a storm and got lost in the Canadian Arctic. As the crew slowly died from the cold, a woman, who had been pregnant at the time, gave birth. She had not been due for almost a months so had taken the chance to take the journey but the child had taken the worst possible moment to be born and had been premature. She died days later clutching her infant to her breast. 
A group of Inuit hunters saw the trapped ship and went to investigate. They found the entire crew dead, except for the child who miraculously still lived. The child was covered in a frosty film and seemed to be asleep. Thinking he was the child of Akna, the goddess of fertility and childbirth, the Inuit people took him and raised him. They named him Kaneq, meaning frost and as he grew older, their belief that he was indeed Akna's child became certainty when he displayed his control of the ice and snow. 
But although Kaneq loved his people, he longed to see the world, starting from the place where he was found. He eventually left his village and set out to find his birthplace, which he did. His mother's body was still there, frozen solid. She had been holding a purse with papers and various items, so he took them. It would be his only link to his true past.
Read the rest here.

Frost is not named among the current members of the AWS so his appearances may be limited to material specific to the WW2 era team. Regardless, we'll see what Iron Gate has planned when the launch their Kickstarter campaign next month.

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