Sunday, February 14, 2016

Strange Romance Tales Vol. 1

It's Valentines Day and...Mrs. TSOG has just left to go work a little overtime.  It is Valentines Day, the temperature is -29 outside (-41 with wind) and I am left alone in my Fortress of Solitude.

Thankfully, and no doubt strategically, Phantasmic Tales chose this week to release their Strange Romance anthology. Allow me to mash-up two separate sales pitches for a moment...
A lonely gorgon who turned her lover to stone...a mad scientist determined to create his ideal woman, no matter how many tries it takes...a man who uses time travel to fix his relationship problems...a contest winner who develops a bizarre fixation...and much more!  
Strange Romance is an anthology comic featuring short stories about love in SF, fantasy, horror, slipstream or otherwise "weird genre" settings. Tragic and comic tales of hope & heartbreak from multiple up-and-coming writers and artists. Take a strange journey into the depths of the human heart! Also the robot heart... and then alien heart...
More important than my soul-crushing loneliness is the fact that much of the talent involved in the creation of Strange Romance is Canadian. And mostly from the Toronto area, if you want to be that specific. So the book is great exposure to such.

So whether you have solitude seemingly permanently forced upon you, or you have a few minutes to kill while your soul mate temporarily slips into something more comfortable, you might want to start working your way through Strange Romance. Its 155 pages are available on Comixology, either to read online or as a pdf (or both, I suppose).

You can read more about the book and the planned 2017 volume on the Phantasmic Tales website or its Facebook group.

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