Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Coming in June: Sudbury's Big Nick!

The book below, from Expired Comics, is expected to be available on June 11th at the Sudbury Graphic Con.

I was going to wait until then to mention it here, but for one thing, it looks like a blast and I couldn't wait to mention it, and for another, Expired Comics is going to be making an appearance at the Ottawa Comiccon a couple of weekends from now.

Big Nick actually began drawing some attention around this time last year. The following fact sheet was shared by the Greater Sudbury Public Library on their Facebook page almost a year ago to the day.
Big Nick – Character Profile 
Origin: Born and raised in Sudbury, Big Nick was a Mine Rescue Officer. After evacuating a collapsed nickel mine, he became trapped deep underground by an exploding smelter which left smoldering slag blocking his only exit. It is unknown how, but the smoldering slag bonded the surrounding nickel veins into Nick’s DNA. 
Powers: With nickel bonded to his DNA, Nick has gained super-human abilities such as:
- Bulletproof skin;
- Super-human strength;
- Magnetic manipulation of base metals, including nickel. 
He can extract and manipulate minerals from the ground to create objects such as prison bars around evildoers. 
It is with this power that Nick can manipulate the trajectory of his big nickel shield 
Costume: Big Nick’s three-colored costume represents Sudbury’s diverse landscape and mining community.
- Green: It is not only Sudbury’s official color, but it represents the city’s growing flora and abundant wildlife.
- Grey: It represents Sudbury’s iconic rock formations, landscape and the many mines and mining communities.
- Gold: Part of Sudbury’s logo is a golden star, which also represents the many valuable minerals that are mined in the Greater Sudbury area. 
Big Nick was conceptualized and illustrated by Martin Deschatelets. 
Expired Comics is an Ottawa based comic book publisher founded by Kevin Montpellier from Chelmsford, and Martin Deschatelets from Sturgeon Falls.
They also got some attention from the CBC that same day.

Awesome. Enjoy the conventions, gentlemen, and the launch more than a year in the making!

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