Friday, April 15, 2016

Saskatchewan's Newest Superhero!

Kickstarter fundraisers are both the easiest and the hardest to write about. They're the easiest because the creator has already pretty well laid everything out for you.  They're the hardest because...the creator has already pretty well laid everything out for you.

There are a couple of aspects of the Auroraman campaign that deserve a bit of a spotlight, however, in my opinion.

I was happy and eager to contribute to Jeff Burton's campaign because I knew he'd supported several Kickstarter projects involving recently-created Canadian characters such as Auric Of The Great White North and Canadian Corps, but also involving classics like Brok Windsor and Johnny Canuck.

Basically, to my mind, he helped make it possible for me to read about those characters. Auroraman seems like a fun book anyway but even if I had any doubts as to the quality of the final product, I'd contribute on that basis alone.

So who is Auroraman? As the campaign page states...
Auroraman is Saskatchewan’s very own superhero based out of the small city of Humboldt. He is a husband, a father, a teacher and now a fledgling superhero! Having found a cosmic powered staff during a meteor shower he works to learn what powers it grants him while working to protect his hometown and beyond! 
Man, I would KILL to find a cosmic-powered staff during a meteor shower...As the expression goes, All the cool things happen in Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

Actually, I kid, but I find the setting a part of the appeal. I like a good balance of city-based flag-bearers and normal Joe types. Auroraman appears to be firmly entrenched in the latter group.

Now then...If you've come across a few of these types of campaigns before and have been reluctant to contribute, Jeff has a great perk option for you.
$15 Exclusive to this campaign - Canadian Creators Digital Omnibus! 
This is a digital collection of comics by various Canadian creators! Included in this package will be: Auroraman: Origins, Andrew Lorenz’s Canadian Corps, Auric of the Great White North by Davis Dewsbury and Andrew Thomas, Pitiful Human Lizard by Jason Loo, Sam Noir and Christopher Yao’s Major North, Gary Boyarski’s Jack Grimm, Spacepig Hamadeus from Donovan Yaciuk, a piece from Mark Shainblum co-creator of Northguard, the 3D comic Road Trip by Jason Sylvestre, a story by James Zintel, Hockeypocalypse by Jeff Martin, work from Eric Theriault, a story from Ryan Howe and a story from Elaine Will. These will be collected in one digital collection with an exclusive cover.
That is an awesome idea. I love seeing the cooperation among creators. For another $10 (and shipping) you can get the above AND a print copy of Auroraman. That is a lot of content for the cost. Great value.

So with still almost three weeks left in the fundraising campaign, it's good to see that congratulations are already in order for Mr. Burton. To keep track of Auroraman's progress, join the character's Facebook group or follow Jeff on Twitter.

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