Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Continuing the Legendary Adventures of Sam Steele, North-West Mounted Police!"

A few days ago, I gleefully backed the Kickstarter campaign for issue #2 of Steele Vs., actually the third book in the series if the zero issue is taken into account.

The beautifully-illustrated book tells the stories of the NWMP's Sam Steele as he attempts to bring order to the Yukon territory during the gold rush years. As if the actual conditions were not already difficult enough to content with, writer Scott Schmidt mixes in some mystical elements for our hero to face.

Each book can be read individually so you could purchase just this particular issue without feeling as though you've missed anything, but Schmidt announced an extension to a specific backer reward which proved to be popular and would make a great access point for someone new to the book. See below.
When the Early Bird "Placer Mine" reward went like hot cakes, I planned on making another 25 available, but I think I can do one better than that. For the rest of the campaign ANYONE will be able to get all three (print) issues of Steele Vs, the bookmark/coaster combo, digital sketchbook and one small print for just $20 plus shipping! Not to mention all the great digital comics continually being added to every reward tier and some surprises down the road! 

The series is well-researched and a nice change from the superhero fare. If you'd like a look at sample material aside from what is displayed on the Kickstarter campaign page, click on the covers to the first two issue on Comixology as well. Then get yourself a coaster and bookmark.


  1. I know this is a crass and inappropriate use of your comments section -- but I didn't notice a contact/email link for your blog...

    My name is D.K. Latta; I've had stories in Tesseracts Nineteen and Masked Mosaic ("The Secret History of the Intrepids" -- which I believe you liked in your review). I've recently completed a collection of prose Canadian superhero stories and am now looking to get the word out and your site seemed like an obvious place. If you're interested, the webpage is at
    and I could even provide a review copy (in electronic format) if you'd like -- for good or ill. Even a bad review could be good...not for ME, of course, but as a guide for another writer to avoid my mistakes :) I can be reached at
    End of shameless self-promotion.

    1. Quite all right, D.K. I used to have a contact option, but no one used it. ;-)

      I know (and enjoy) your work and in fact, recently completed the T19 story. Good stuff. Thanks for drawing my attention to this newest project, I shall give it a closer look (and probably by the print version once it's available).

    2. Oh, and I promise a review on Amazon. I know that's a bigger deal than most people realize.

    3. Thnx! (And glad you liked the T19 story) I should also ad I like your site (didn't say that up-front because I didn't want to seem like I was just schmoozing lol). It lends a sense of community to what, otherwise, can be isolated projects.

  2. I should clarify: I meant I could provide the host/author of They Stand on Guard with a review copy.