Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Barbalien Emerges!

Does the name "Barbalien" ring a bell at all?

It appeared again today in a Bleeding Cool article about an upcoming Dark Horse comic book by writer Jeff Lemire entitled Black Hammer. Here's what that's about:
The series follows the former heroes of Spiral City — Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Madame Dragonfly and Barbalien – as they work to escape from the small farming town they’ve been trapped in for a decade.
The article displayed a number of variant covers drawn by Lemire himself, including one which featured that very character.  That's the one below.

This idea had been conceived in 2007 or so and eventually scheduled for a late 2014 release. However the artist suffered an illness, causing significant delays. But it's apparently on its way now.

There is no blatant, or even subtle, Canadian content as such. But reading about Barbalien again recently raised an eyebrow. That was the name of the character that Lemire was going to use in the second volume of True Patriot. When asked, in late 2013, by Comic Book Resources what he would bring to the True Patriot table, Lemire provided the following teaser:
My contribution will involve a new superhero I'm creating called Barbalien. He's -- well, he's an alien barbarian. He crash landed on Earth in the '60s and posed as an RCMP officer by day, fighting crime in the north by night -- sort of a mash up between Dudley Do-Right, Martian Manhunter and Conan.
Judging from the rather neat "Who's Who" style fact sheet below, there isn't much cause to think that the RCMP portion of that is still in play, but who knows? There is nothing to definitively identify Spiral City, or the farming town the characters are trapped in, as American either from the small sampling of preview material I've seen. Maybe Lemire will sneak in some Canadian goodness.

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