Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can't live on superheroes alone!

I backed the Monstrosity Indiegogo campaign a couple of weeks ago when I saw it mentioned by someone I follow on Twitter.  I'm normally more interested in superhero material but both gentlemen on the campaign team, Brian Evinou and Phil McClorey, are from Toronto, so what the hell?

Out of curiosity, I had a look at the project's funding progress recently and was pleasantly surprised on two fronts.  First, the the team has generated almost half (as I type this) its financial goal with 25 days remaining in the campaign.  Second, there is far larger talent list than I'd realised, much of it Canadian.

A couple of names in particular jumped out at me; J. Bone is involved in the upcoming True Patriot anthology and Gibson Quarter is among the artists contributing to the Heroes of the North comics.

Tony Taylor, one of several other Toronto creators to work on the book, provides the book's back cover displayed below.

The book will contain 18 stories and can be had digitally for $5.  Pretty sweet deal and a good way to support Canadian creators.  Click on the back cover painting above to be taken to the Indiegogo campaign page where you'll be able to view more preview art, read brief creator interviews and, hopefully, support the project.


  1. Thanks for contributing man, we are really excited about this book. It is looking awesome top to bottom. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

    1. Happy to, to whatever extent I actually achieve that.

      I look forward to seeing the final product and being introduced to new (to me) talent. All the best.