Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"She was Jill Canada...

...and we need to bring her home".

I love the simply-stated dedication of the above line, spoken by Angus Finney, uncle to the modern-day Leaf (Michael MacSorly), in The Leaf #5.

After 60 years of regret and knowing that his end is near, Uncle Finney is determined that a wrong needs to be set right.  Angus asks Michael to help bring Jill Canada's remains to their proper resting place.  Of course, as the cover strongly implies, they are pleasantly surprised by what they ultimately find.

I was sent the book a few days ago and while it's taken me a while to write about it, I dove into it from the moment I saw it in my inbox.  I've been eager to see more of Jill Canada since I first laid eyes on her in a golden age Leaf pin-up by Stuart Berryhill.

Uncle Finney steals the show somewhat in this issue.  His protective affection for Jill is touching and while The Leaf takes care of much of the physical action, Finney is often the one to come up with the solution to the problem at hand, including how to deal with the big darling at right, Panzermann.

The Mountie Brigade also debuts in this issue in the first of four four-page installments. An awful lot of story is packed into those four pages.  Without giving too much away, something has worked its way into the Mars-based space station on which Constable Angus MacSorly is stationed.  What, and to what end, is the mystery that MacSorly will need to figure out.

The Red Leaf Comics site has an image of what we can expect from the Future Leaf.  As if that isn't an action figure waiting to happen...

Click on the cover for #5 to be taken to the Red Leaf digital store.  And while you're on the website, take a moment to float around.  There has been a lot of background and teaser content added in recent weeks.

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