Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Supers: 3rd Best Super Hero Team!

Third? How can they be third if they're led by a Canadian?!

Meet Celsius of The Supers.

The story begins with our team of International heroes having just lost their leader, The Eagle, and getting a sympathy bump in the ratings to #3 in the overall listings.  This ignites (sort-of) friendly rivalries with other super-teams and a whole new set of responsibilities for this rag tag group. 
They aren't your typical super-heroes.  Outback has anger issues.  The Wisp suffers from lack of confidence and depression.  Kaiju is the most kick-ass member of the group but also trying to be a super-mommy at the same time to little Lian.  Celsius is trying to cope with being team leader and also OCD when it comes to things being clean...
Ha! Interesting character quirk!

As Writer/Creator Chris Morris (Penticton, BC) explains on the project's Indiegogo Campaign page, the goal is simply to make a fun book with a varied cast of characters. I can certainly understand and relate to his growing lack of interest in Marvel/DC, and appreciate his desire to be part of the solution rather than the problem, so I'm pleased to lend a little support towards this book.

Go on and check out the image gallery. There are some pretty sweet character designs there and a bit more inside art than is previewed on the main page. The tone and goal may be humour, but it seems like Chris and artist Ricky Gunawan take their humour seriously.  

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